Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan is working to make health for all a reality by promoting equity and justice in health care, by mobilising resources, by advocating for the rights of all persons at all stages of their lives, and by creating an environment conductive to wholesome living. Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan makes special efforts on the rights and the improvement of health of the socially marginalised population. Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan considers that the goal of health for all is a moral and ethical imperative and that the realisation of this health ideal will itself contribute to people?s feelings of well-being.
Our organisation is to address the health problems, increase educational achievement and enhance the quality of life of school-aged children and youth.

Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being in all matters related to the reproductive system and to its functions and processes. The concept of reproductive health, as an essential component of public health, has received increased attention and has been adopted.
Health NGO Shrinathji Sewa SansthanReproductive health is a crucial part of general health and a central feature of human development. It is a reflection of health during childhood, and crucial during adolescence and adulthood, sets the stage for health beyond the reproductive years for both women and men, and affects the health of the next generation. The health of the newborn is largely a function of the mother?s health and nutrition status and of her access to health care.

In view of the high magnitude of maternal and neonatal death and the limited resources available in the area, specific focus is to be addressed to safe-motherhood related programmes, including antenatal, obstetric, postpartum and newborn health and family planning. These are considered as priority components of reproductive health. It is not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. Women have the right to be informed and to have access to safe, effective, affordable, and acceptable methods of family planning of their choice for the regulation of fertility, as well as access to health care for safe pregnancy and childbirth.
Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan identifies Reproductive health issue including the health? programmes such as Family planning, Safe motherhood, Maternal nutrition, Newborn health and breastfeeding, STI/HIV/AIDS, Adolescent reproductive health, Violence against women, Infertility, Information, education, and counselling. With the help of Health department Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan has been working to improve the Reproductive health care awareness.