Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan has been working and operating its programmes in the Nathdwara, Rajasamand, Udaipur, Dundarpur, Banswara, Pratapgarh of Rajasthan in India.

The working areas of Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan, NGO are Nathdwara, Rajasamand, Udaipur? and the surrounding districts are located near Nathdwara. People living in these hilly areas are very hard working, honest and cultural oriented. They are prone to self and collective development. They are passionate to achieve the high living standard. But the adverse environmental and economic situation are the main hurdle in the development. The spirit to achieve the quality life always inspire them for new innovations.

The families with some resources has been migrating to the another part of the country and abroad. The natives of this undeveloped and semi-developed area has been proved their abilities at national and global level. But there is still a large population still in the vain. Lack of adequate infrastructure facilities and employment opportunities make this area more economically weaker and backward. Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan team has felt the need of a catalyst to play the role in the under developing society.


  • To undertake programmes of rural uplifted and development by bringing in awareness of Education, Health and Nutrition among children and their parents, providing guidance on the effective use of local resources.
  • To establish,maintain,and grant aid in cash and kind to society, hospitals, institutions, child welfare centres, hostels, orphanages, old age homes and such benefit and use of the public in general.
  • To serve as a catalyst for transforming the innate service urge of a human being into philanthropic action for the benefit of the society.
  • To promote integral health and healthy life style.
  • To coordinate the Networking of NGOs with the same aims and views.
  • To empower the women and children to face the day today challenges.
  • To carry out activities for the youth especially in the spheres of sports, games, culture etc. and to associate with national and international agencies of similar nature.
  • To impart behaviour change communication to the alcoholics, drug abusers and other high risk groups through Motivation, Counselling, Treatment, Follow up and Rehabilitation.
  • To carry out activities and programmes for the up keep, welfare and treatment of disabled persons such as mentally retarded , physically handicapped, cancer patients, patients with kidney problems Cancer, HIV/AIDS, T.B, STIs, malnutrition other diseases.
  • To carry out activities for the welfare of the rural folk mainly for providing clean drinking water, sanitation, health programmes etc.
  • To create awareness among the public about the dangers of alcoholism, drug abuse, tobacco use, STDs and HIV/AIDS.
  • To run, conduct, maintain hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, health care centres, early detection centres, research centers, therapy centres etc., especially for women and children.
  • To conduct research and development centres in the field of medicine, health, sanitation, pollution etc.,
  • To conduct camps, seminars, meetings, conferences, study classes to create awareness among the public on the causes and effects of pollution of air, water and environment.
  • To establish, run and main educational centres necessary and medical institutions , including colleges, schools, training centres, research and development centres in the field of medicine, engineering and computer sciences.
  • To guide and assist the needy and educated unemployed by providing loans to them for establishment of cottage and other industries or providing any gainful employment and livelihood security to them.
  • To provide help to the destitute, the physically challenged and the poor without any distinction of caste, colour or creed.
  • To organise lectures and disseminate knowledge on various topics of social and economic concern like safeguards for democracy, the rights & duties of a citizen under the Law, national integration,Indian Heritage and culture etc.
  • To provide legal assistance to the poor and needy free of cost for protecting the fundamental rights granted to the citizens of India under the Constitution or for enforcing their rights in case of any violation and in similar circumstances where the vulnerable sections need legal protection.
  • To work for protection of all kind of human rights and basic right provided in the constitution.
  • To grant relief during natural calamities, such as famine, earthquake, flood, fire pestilence and other natural or man made calamities and to give donations subscriptions or contributions to institutions,establishments or persons during such relief work.
  • To conduct surveys,studies and on social issues and problems and to find remedies and review policies and critique for improvements in public policy.
  • To bring environmental awareness and help in the projects of plantation, afforestation, waste management,water conservation, wasteland reclamation, and recycling etc.