Women development is directly related to national development. The effective management and development of women resources like abilities, skills, and another potentialities are of paramount for economic development of the country.Raising of women?s income and opportunities benefits whole family out of poverty and derives economic and social progress.
Women who holds the half of population have been neglected in the development process. Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan is strive to make capable them socially, politically and economically. We have been working to empower the women through various programmes and make them enable to play key roles in development process and decision making. Women Development NGO Shri Nath ji Sewa Sansthanfocuses our programmes to develop women?s personality and self esteem by educating them. Our aim is to bring them from margin to the mainstream. Education and awareness are main tools to develop their personality and productive capacity. We emphasis on improve hygiene, nutritional practises through awareness campaigns. We aim to improve the employment opportunities for women to make them self esteemed and more confident.
As women receive greater education and training, they will earn more. As women earn more, they spend it in the further education and health of their children. As women rise in economic status, they will gain greater social standing in the household and the village, and will have greater voice. As women gain influence and consciousness, they will make stronger claims to their entitlements. To achieve this aim Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan has been focusing on women education, livelihood and leadership training programmes in Rajasthan.