Access to clean and affordable drinking water is a fundamental right. Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan has been working actively for effective water, sanitation and hygiene projects and initiatives rurally, particularly those characterised by strong community involvement.
The working area of Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan, Nathdwara, Rajasamand, Udaipur and the surrounding districts are located in the remote area. There is almost drought in the area. Drought causes water shortages and crop damage. Here in Rajasthan drought starts when total rainfall is below the average. Low rainfall causes low groundwater and reservoir levels, very dry soil, reduced crop yields or even crop failure. Groundwater is not replenished because not enough rain is falling to wet the soil?s entire surface area and to be absorbed properly. Water table in the area is continuously going down.
In this area people lack even basic water and sanitary facilities. Diseases caused by unsafe drinking water and inadequate sanitation are common in the working area. Lack of water and sanitation undermines the sustainability of other critical needs, including education, economic development, nutrition, environmental health and gender equality.
Being as a responsible NGO Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan has been working to meet out the basic need of drinking water, livelihood and development of the area and the inhabitants.
We think that we can make the area realise its dream of getting safe drinking water. More than 37 diseases identified as major causes of death, 21 are related to water and sanitation. Water-related diseases also put an economic burden on both the household and nation?s economy.
The inadequate access to water has been often cited as the primary factor responsible for limiting development.
To understand the prevalent water quality in working area, Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan has taken up the task of seasonally assessing the drinking water quality, making people aware, and implement possible remedial measures.

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