Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan is committed to improve the livelihoods of poor people. It draws on the main factors that affect poor people?s livelihoods and the typical relationships between these factors. It can be used in planning new development activities and in assessing the contribution that existing activities have made to sustaining livelihoods.
Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan is working toward eliminate rural poverty by empowering rural households. The organisation takes a bottom-up approach, facilitating, inspiring and guiding community-driven collective and individual action to reduce poverty through Gram Panchayat. Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan improves the lives of the poor and vulnerable by routing funds through Gram Sabha to activities that communities have identified as important.
Livelihood NGO Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan identifies, tests and proves new development options and projects which can be taken up and applied by the government of India to improve the lives of the poor.
With the help of Gram Panchayats and government bodies Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan is working to improve the livelihood opportunities for local youth and needy people. Shrinathji Sewa Sansthan has been working towards the lobbying and advocacy to improve livelihood for the rural unemployed and semi-employed people.